Eleganza is focused on celebrating the rich diversity of Harvard’s student body through cutting-edge fashion and dance. We believe in providing a space for all identities to engage in the exciting, energetic beauty of self expression. Through our annual show, we also emphasize our commitment to the community by donating all profits to the Center for Teen Empowerment, a Boston nonprofit that engages at-risk youth in vehicles for artistic expression.  


Eleganza was founded 23 years ago under the cultural production organization, Black C.A.S.T. As a small fashion show whose mission was rooted in the desire to redefine beauty and aesthetic style on campus, Eleganza was an instant success. Since then, Eleganza has grown to become Harvard’s largest student-run event, with over 50 board members, 60 models and dancers, and a sold-out crowd of over 1,500 attendees each year. The highly anticipated night is an opportunity for students of all identities to celebrate fashion, dance, music, and expression through our electric, innovative show. 

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