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FOUNDED IN 1901, Nordstrom is a well-known American luxury department store chain. It originated as a shoe store and over the last 100 years has become a vast retailer with clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. Nordstrom continues to transform as it actively works to contribute to positive change and address systemic racial inequity.

Most recently, New Concepts@Nordstrom introduced Concept 012: Black_Space. Black_Space highlights a variety of Black designers that was created through a collaborative effort of Black creatives including designer Beth Birkett, creative director Harris Elliott, stylist Matthew Henson, stylist Marcus Paul and fashion editor Azza Yousif and Sam Lobban, Nordstrom SVP Designer and New Concepts, along with his team.

This year’s show featured glamorous dresses from Nordstrom and more notably pieces from their recent store Black_Space. Some of our favorite pieces featured in the show from Black_Space include the Wales Bonner Stripe Trim Track Jacket & Pants, Bode x Marcus Paul Quilter Workwear Jacket, and Bephies Beauty Supply X Studio One Eighty Nine Flour Bag Print Jumpsuit .

Shop Black_Space here. Shop Nordstrom here.

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