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It is our greatest pleasure to share with you all to our production for Eleganza 2021. While this year is a little different, the key pillars of Eleganza remain the same. Eleganza Show at Harvard remains dedicated to celebrating the rich diversity of Harvard’s student body through cutting edge fashion and dance.


This highly anticipated night is a chance to celebrate fashion, dance, music, and artistry on campus. Additionally, Eleganza’s mission is to celebrate and empower diverse communities in Boston and across the nation. We continue this commitment by donating all show proceeds and fundraising to organizations in the Boston area and across the country, especially given the hardships of this past year. 


Unfortunately, the global pandemic has made us all painfully aware of the inequity that exists across the globe. The past year has not been an easy one. Unfortunately, the global pandemic has brought to light centuries of inequality across the globe. From the start of the pandemic, hate crimes and incidents of police brutality have filled the news. As always, Eleganza remains dedicated to supporting the diverse communities our board, models, and fashion designers comprise.

This year, we decided to expand the causes we support from 1 to 5 organizations, better representing the intersectional identities that comprise Eleganza and addressing the many issues brought to light over the past year. 


We are proud to support the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, Castle of Our Skins, the Redeemer Center for Life in Minneapolis, the Official Navajo COVID-19 Relief Fund, and the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition. 

This year, instead of the usual ticket prices, we hope you will consider donating to Eleganza 2021 fund. 100% of the donations will go directly to this collection of organizations. While the show usually raises over $10,000 through ticket sales, we hope that those who can give help us reach our goal.


Creating a production of this caliber was no easy feat. This film is the first of its kind in Eleganza history. Our board, fashion designers, scene directors, video editors, models, and guest performers worked tirelessly this past year to bring all of these pieces together. Models from across the globe have come together to showcase the rich diversity and talent at Harvard, and the incredible work being done by BIPOC artists in fashion, music, and dance. 

Turn up your speaker. Get up and dance with us. And most importantly, enjoy.

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